Released WPS Office 11 (2019), for GNU/Linux!

The eleventh version of the WPS Office (or the version of 2019) has been published. It has brought users a number of improvements, such as support for widescreen displays, the design and modernization of the interface.

WPS Office formerly known as Kingsoft Office is an office package for Windows operating systems, GNU/Linux, Android and iOS, which includes three components: WPS Writer, WPS Presentation and WPS Spreadsheet. The package is compatible with Microsoft Office formats of PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX, XLS and XLSX reading and writing.

While versions for Windows, Android and iOS are available for download at managed by a Chinese company-software developer Kingsoft, Linux version has a separate web site and apparently other developers.

WPS Office (2019), for GNU/Linux includes support for high resolution screens and customizable appearance. Currently in the app settings you can choose from two skins (2019dark and 2019white) or customize the look of WPS Office, putting its own background color, image and font size. In addition, with the addition of skins in this release has changed the default icons for WPS Office.

Settings skin can be found on the new start screen WPS Office.

The new start screen WPS Office displays a list of recently used files and fixed locations with built-in file browser for quick access to documents. It also has the function of searching documents in the cloud WPS, which seems not to be working — most likely because it is intended for Chinese users.

This release also adds support for management of multiple document tabs. In previous versions of all documents that you open from the window of WPS Office, was opened in a new tab in the same window, without the ability to move the document in a new window (in addition to opening a new instance of WPS Office and then open the document in a new window). In the latest version of WPS Office, you can drag a tab from an existing window to create a new, and move tabs between Windows WPS Office.

It only works with tabs of the same application (WPS Presentation, Writer or Spreadsheets). Blog WPS Office mentioned the possibility of combining tabs of Presentation, Writer and Spreadsheets with 2019 WPS Office for Windows, but it doesn’t work on “penguin”, so there is speculation that this feature was not presented in a version for GNU/Linux.

Integrated tools PDF mentioned in the blog 2019 WPS Office for Windows is also available in a version for GNU/Linux.

Full list of changes is available on the community site (in English).

How to install WPS Office on GNU/Linux?

If you have Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu or forks, download the appropriate package by clicking one of the buttons below:



And here is the download link for distributions that support RPM-packages:



Next, install the standard tools of your OS. The methods of installation for Debian-like distributions you can see here, and for the family of Red Hat here.

By the way, WPS Office is available on Flathub that allows you to install it on a vast number of GNU/Linux, resorting to the flatpak technology.

And how do you like WPS Office? Do you think that he is better than others open and free counterparts? Do you use them? Share your opinions in the comments!

According to the materials: the Linux Uprising
Image: the Linux Uprising, from open sources


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