Nexuiz Classic – a cool shooter game for Linux

Nexuiz Classic is a first – person shooter, developed by Alientrap-based game Quake I. the First project Manager was Vermulen. But after a while all the developments were transferred to the new engine – DarkPlaces written by the programmer forest Hale. The game was planned to be simple and uncomplicated, with a couple of levels and battles in DeathMatch mode, a single player model. However, with the expansion of the team of developers expanded the game plans. Some time later, Nexuiz Classic could compete with many commercial products. After 4 years of hard work on the game was version 1.0. It happened may 31, 2005. A month after this game was downloaded 250 000 users.


Classic Nexuiz is primarily a multiplayer game though the single player mode is also present here. Large selection of modes and maps provides a rich, interesting gameplay. The player can use mutators – the so-called fashion, changing some game rules (for example, you can affect the gravity).

In “Nexuiz” there is no monitoring of the health and armor – they can easily exceed the standard at least twice. However, the player must “sit out”: to maintain the level of health and armor you need to participate in the shootings. Otherwise, the levels will drop to 100.

Single user mode is perfect for beginners. The player can “fill the hand” fighting with bots on a large set of cards, and then compete with other players.

Further development of the project

The game “Nexuiz” became so popular that in March 2010 IIIFonic announced its intention to port the project to a gaming console. In addition, the plans of the independent developer was a dramatic improvement in game graphics. It was also stated that developments will not be transferred to the original game, and the project will be closed.

As a result of these events, the game development was stopped. But today is very successful is the successor to Nexuiz is the game Xonotic.

Installing Nexuiz Classic in Ubuntu

The game is set in the Ubuntu repositories. Search in the software center at keyword Nexuiz, or by running in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install nexuiz  

Users of Windows and MacOS can download the game at:


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