“Karmageddon Reincarnation” is available in the service Steam

The developer of the famous game “Carmageddon”, the company Stainless Games decided to release a remake of the old “bloody Derby”. The novelty has received the name “Carmageddon Reincarnation”. As in the original version, the idea of the game remains the same – it’s a race to the bottom. Moreover, the survival of any method: it is possible to reach the finish line first, you can RAM all the machines of the enemy, and you can hit all the pedestrians (on the same card there can be up to five hundred). The name “Carmageddon” composite: “car” – car and “Armageddon” – Armageddon, end of the world.

The official trailer for the game evokes horror look cute and kind kids ride in a school bus driven by a psychopath killer. Bus knocks down anyone who gets in his way – men, women, children, the elderly, and animals. The developer has paid much attention to the graphics of the game: after hitting a helpless pedestrian appears blood, severed heads and limbs.

A little about the history of the creation of the first version of the game. Stainless Games started developing games in 1994. At first it was just a racing simulator, but then was based on the movie “death race 2000”.

The gameplay in “Karmageddon” is not just cruel and very cruel, and could potentially have a negative impact on children’s immature minds and psyche. For this reason, many countries went “censored” version of Carmageddon – it is proposed to not push people and animals, and zombies or robots.

A little later in the UK, a version of the game that do not contain censorship. Themselves fans of the game were developed for cut-down versions of the so-called “blood patches” that caused the game to completely original condition.

Interestingly, in Brazil forbidden to sell this game in Australia “Karmageddon” has appeared with the marking “15+”.

In 2012, a version of the game for iOS and in 2013 – re-release for Android. At the moment, “Carmageddon Reincarnation” is available only for owners of the Windows operating system, but the developers promise to soon “fix” and release a version for Linux and Mac. The price for early access to the game – 699 rubles. To purchase the game through Steam.


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