Eist returns

Eist returns a two — dimensional Java (JavaFX) arcade game (Arcade-puzzle game).

Game Eist returns originally written in 1992 year to run on 8-bit computers of the family Atari. At the end of 2017 , the author of the project (Piotr Miller) decided to give the game a second life, adapting it to run on modern operating systems (including mobile).

The game will have to guide the character named AEST (Eist) on the underground, placing arrows okutyvaya way. Before driving the player must carefully plan the movement, because after the start of motion time to think will not. The rating level is based on the number of moves of the character, from start to finish the door.

In the path of the character need to collect various artifacts (animated objects) and the keys to open along the way of doors, including doors to exit the level. To move between corridors, you can use the stairs in designated areas. On some levels there are “teleporters” that move the character without changing the direction of movement.

Eist returns has forty levels, the first level is the easiest/simple (training), levels can be transferred to the home directory (~/.EistReturns/leve) and edited in “Editor levels(Eist level editor). Custom levels have priority (the coincidence of numbers), supported by import and export levels (in *.a zip archive).

Eist returns allows you to adjust the size of the playing field, small, medium (default) and fullscreen is supported by a factory reset and clearing the results of passing. To control you can use the mouse and keyboard, or joystick, the results of the adventures are saved in the “Hall of fame(Hall of Fame).

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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