Bos Wars: a war with angry customers

Bos Wars is another “war games” from the makers of the Stratagus engine. This game engine was discontinued in 2007, in connection with lawsuits on the part of Blizzard Enterteinment. Fortunately, the project has not completely disappeared – instead, he had a specific game implementation, one of which is a real-time strategy Bos Wars (formerly Battle of Survival).

Bos Wars Gameplay

The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the gameplay of these “recognized masterpieces” like Star Craft, Warcraft, Dune 2, Command & Conquer. The plot of “Boss War” be diligent, but quite a risky person, sold “empty”, without any of the earth’s resources, and now pursue him for that would-be buyers.

How to survive and not be killed by their stalkers? One way out – you need to start active military actions. In this game you have to build your own military base, collect resources, improve military equipment and buildings, train soldiers of the army. In the end, you will need to attack the enemy with your troops and defeat the enemy.

One of the main characteristics of Bos Wars is a dynamic economy. Some experts engaged in the search of mineral deposits, the other – to build technique, and others – to build fortifications and barracks. And at this time the factories are working at full capacity, they employed hundreds of workers. It is clear that behind all this “economy” we need very close supervision. Any delay or incorrect decision means absolute death.

The main game resources Bos Wars

In “BOS Wars” there are two main resources: energy and magma. For energy production there are elektrostantsii, and the need to pump magma from the hot springs. All the time construct new buildings and create new mobile units to expand the capabilities of its economy.

Modes of the game Bos Wars

In Bos Wars, there are several modes: you can play against the computer, against a real opponent in the LAN or over the Internet. It should be noted that the artificial intelligence in this game is not very smart – but this disadvantage is more than kompensiruet numerical superiority and more “agile” by the terrain.

Installing Bos Wars on Ubuntu Linux

The game is present in the standard Ubuntu repositories. Install the game is searching in the software Center at keyword boswars either by running in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install boswars  

Windows users can download the game on the official website


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