Play Space Invaders, an old-school game, in a Linux terminal

There are countless terminal toys on Linux. Yes, sometimes you just need to get away from the configuration files, monitoring tools, etc. – to put your mind in order and play a little in the terminal. Even at work.

In this article, we will tell you how to play Space invaders in the Linux terminal; the free terminal version of the well-known open-source GUI game Space Invaders.

The main task is to protect the Earth from space invaders (a huge number of aliens) by controlling warships from the Ground (the lower part of the screen). Before playing, Space Invaders must first install it using the terminal by simply entering these commands (note that you must have the universe repository enabled):

 $ sudo yum install ninvaders #on CentOS/RHEL 
$ sudo dnf install ninvaders #on Fedora 22+
$ sudo apt-get install ninvaders #on Debian/Ubuntu
: nInvaders #on RHEL 6

After installation, the game can be played using the command:

 $ ninvaders 

At startup, you will see the interface as shown in the image below. Press the Space bar to start the game.

Use the Left and Right arrows to move the warship. Shoot with the Space bar. From descending ships, you can simply dodge or hide behind large stationary blocks (green). The task is to kill all the aliens.

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That’s it! In this article, we’ve covered how to play Sapce Invaders on the Linux command line. Do you know any interesting games in the terminal that you could play for a change at work? Tell others in the comments!


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