Available for download a new daily build of Ubuntu 17.10

So there you go! The first daily images of Ubuntu 17.10 build is already available for download.

Earlier Ubuntu 17.10, which goes under the code name ‘Artful Aardvark’became open for development.

This cycle promises to be for Ubuntu developers and Canonical engineers is very extensive. Without a doubt, it will also be incredibly important for them in anticipation of the next LTS next year.

Daily builds will come out every day (wow!), the entire duration of the development cycle, that is, six months. At different intervals a Snapshot build will be transferred to the status of alpha, beta or release candidate.

The official schedule of release of Ubuntu 17.10 says that we can expect a final, stable version of Artful Aardvark somewhere in the 13th of October 2017.

What to expect from Ubuntu 17.10

Everything is in order: at this early stage of development one should not expect some incredible difference between the versions of Ubuntu and 17.04 17.10. The situation is without a doubt a few months will change.

And how!

As a desktop environment by default, Ubuntu Gnome is now 17.10. Unity 7 will be available in the main repository, but the disk image it will be gone. Thus, for the first time in six years for Ubuntu to be marked using GNOME by default.

Unity 8 and other packages relating to Ubuntu, is likely to be removed from the archives in the next week (approx. building: date of writing of the original article 26.04.2017).

In addition to the traditional Xorg Ubuntu 17.10 will be able to offer Wayland.

It remains to decide whether it is Artful to use LightDM as display Manager (with, perhaps, a more extensive front-end) or switch to GDM, which uses the upcoming GNOME. The latter is missing quite a few nice chips from previous – for example, no remote desktop, and guest profiles.

Similarly, it was not yet decided whether to spread 17.10 Ubuntu with GNOME 3.26, according to a release from September of this year. In this version of GNOME promises to add some significant improvements (like non-integer HiDPL computing, modern framework for the exchange, etc.) So that, hopefully, will add.

Need to do a lot in order to put GNOME on Ubuntu. Still wondering whether to keep patched versions of certain applications, because they can better work together with Unity, etc.

Ubuntu developer cautiously trying to make Ubuntu 17.10 Alpha 2 the starting point for the transition from Unity to Gnome.

Download daily builds of Ubuntu 17.10

You can download the latest build of Ubuntu 17.10 from the official server of Ubuntu images.

Please do not forget that daily builds of Ubuntu are formed for testing purposes, so they should not be set for those who want to work with stable version. At such an early development cycle this warning is doubly important.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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