Verminian Trap

Verminian Trap — multiplayer 2D maze game in which you have to fight endless hordes of hostile insects.

Research module of the spacecraft is forced to make an emergency landing on a distant planet Vermilian (Verminian)inhabited by giant insects. The command module will have to fight with the countless hordes of insects, in the hope that will arrive soon with a rescue ship.

The game focuses on a multiplayer mode (up to four players on one computer), but you can play alone. The main arcade game mode (cooperative), two competitive (capture the flag and score). There are six full games (mazes), the number of hostile insects, ammo and characters are unlimited.

Verminian Trap made in the best tradition of games of Wizard of Wor, Battle City, Tron, Pac-Man, Frogger , and has the characteristic of retro arcade pixel graphics (pixel-art). System requirements for the game is low, supported the work in window and full screen mode for controlling you can use keyboard, joysticks and other game controllers.


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Author: posixru


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