Heart Forth, Alicia: sorceress Alicia in “Wonderland”

On the site Kickstarter project appeared information that the company Chucklefish Games is preparing to release a new two-dimensional role-playing game Heart Forth, Alicia. This is a typical “metroidvania” project with a relatively open game world that can be explored, simultaneously pumping your character. The task of pumping in metroidvania – not to improve their role performance, and to acquire new skills that allow you to reach inaccessible places. The game has RPG elements and graphics, which can be described in two words: “farewell, youth”.

Of course, many can argue that 16 bit graphics is rather tired. But nevertheless, Alonso Martin, a talented programmer, he created and graphical component, and the script and code, you should “remove hat”. As stated by the developer, one of the sources of his inspiration is a series of games the Legend of Zelda, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Xenogears.

The protagonist of the game – fairy Alicia, whose mission to rescue his girlfriend Hastro from the evil and treacherous spirit. Sorceress is presented in two different roles. First, there is in the game. The second line is the insert video in which the character talks about his version of what happened in reality.

The main developer wants donations to pay for the work of three artists and a programmer second. For this Kickstarter was planned to raise funds in the amount of 60 thousand dollars. At the moment, the campaign has attracted 119 thousand, which confirms the interest of the user in this game: colorful “metroidvania” like a lot. To obtain the games you need to make a “membership fee” in the amount of $ 15. By the time the end of the promotion announced on may 16.

At the moment, Heart Forth, Alicia’s meant for personal computers (Mac, Windows and Linux), but in the near future, the company plans to port their offspring and to the platform PlayStation.


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