California — a simple calendar application. Allows you to create events and display them in a convenient way.


California allows you to create multiple calendars. For calendar, you can specify the color of the event name.

The program allows you to describe the event name for more information about event time, repeat and so on and automatically recognizes the information. For example, you can create an event with title “meeting in the cafeteria tomorrow at 10:00” and it will automatically create an event for tomorrow with a start time of 10:00.

Events support the following attributes:

  • Event name
  • Date of beginning and end
  • The start and end time
  • The retry time of the event
  • The participants of the event
  • Location
  • Description
  • Calendar, the event relates to

Supported display notifications on the desktop (integration with Gnome).


The main window of the program California is a calendar for a month and has multiple view modes which can be switched with the buttons located at the top of the window.

Viewing modes:

  • A month. In this mode, the window displays the full month and the events for each day.
  • Week. Detailed view of the week from Monday to Sunday. Every day events are displayed on the clock.
  • Agenda. The list of events for the current day.

The interface is translated into Russian language.

To set California on Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install california
The program website (free download):Calendar Californiascreenshots of the program

  • View the month calendar (version: 0.4.0)


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