The end of support for Ubuntu 18.10 18 Jul

You can hear the clock ticking? It ends the life of one of the versions of Ubuntu, Cosmic Cuttlefish, known to most as Ubuntu 18.10.

Yes, Ubuntu 18.10 exits 18 July 2019. Everyone who uses the Cosmic Cuttlefish will have to go for the next point release (just follow the signs on Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo) to continue to receive updates.

“If you use Ubuntu 18.10 after July 18, you will no longer receive updates from Canonical”

Many people using this version of Ubuntu? Probably not. Most people prefer to work with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or use the six-month interim releases.

But still, if someone still uses this version are: updates from Canonical for Ubuntu 18.10 after July 18 will be no more.

This means that there is no new Firefox, no Thunderbird and no new critical security fixes!

The good news is that 18.10 is very easy to switch to Ubuntu 19.04.

Half an hour of free time, a reliable Internet connection and a supply of cat videos – and it’s done!

Let us share our good or bad memories about Ubuntu 18.10 in the comments, surely you have something to remember!

And if you want to remember the contribution made version of the Cosmic Cuttlefish, here’s a release with a brief overview of Ubuntu 18.10 :


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