New games on Kickstarter

Last week on Kickstarter there’s a new game: the adventures of a sexy FBI employee, the cosmic adventures of a stranger in love, and the adventures of the red Pixel.

TheWAY: how to revive his beloved

The protagonist of the game “The WAY” – a space Explorer who flew on one of the distant planets in order to resurrect his beloved one. It is about the resurrection mentioned in the ancient Chronicles, which found the main character in one of the expeditions. However, to fulfill its mission, we first need to save his life: “planet destination” is simply overflowing with different mechanisms and hostile animals. To survive in the harsh unfriendly world, the player must use the artifact, moving objects reflecting the laser beams and instantly teleport hero “from point a to point B”. The fee for obtaining of the game is only $ 10. “TheWAY” is available for operating systems Windows, Linux Masai.

Bureau: a history of the FBI employee

The Central theme of the game “Bureau” was the story of agent Kendall, an employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The girl wanted to finish office work in the Bureau after the end of the experience, and then open his own consulting company. However, the authorities decreed otherwise, and Kendall has been translated into operational work. Now, “duty”, it is necessary to print business documents, and communicate with a fairly “colourful” characters. In order to get the game, you need to pay $ 12. The game is available for three operating systems (including Linux).

Adventure fighting Pipa

The main story line “Adventures of Pip” has become a tragedy: one Queen cursed the people living in the neighboring state, turning them into pixels. And only the red pixel peep did not agree with the loss of detail – he decided to find and punish the evil Queen. In this way, the PIP will become a true 16-bit character, simultaneously expanding your fighting skills. Cost to play is $ 10.

Animalalbum: game for real nerds

The Creator of this game was inspired by the research of “pokemonname” spent about 12 years ago. According to these studies, the younger generation is much better known fictional animals than these representatives of the terrestrial fauna.

In this game you will play for a job, collecting rare species of animals. There are no wars and shooters: defeat will have only in the intellectual battles, answering probing questions about met the beast. Enjoy the game just 2-7 euros.


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