Flare — free RPG

Role-playing games in the style of Diablo under Linux is not enough. Flare is one of the few worthy of the attention of free open source RPG for Linux, Windows and OSX.

The game is a classic RPG with top view. Office of the hero is a combination of keyboard and mouse. With the arrow cursor you move the hero through the game world and the mouse to attack enemies and perform the necessary actions.

Monsters in the Flare

The world is as usual fabulous. Then the goblins and the dead, wizards and warriors, dragons and other animals. The scenery is full of various portals, dungeons and vast desert spaces with few trees and a mass of monsters.

Dungeons and portals in Flare

In the game of course has a system of leveling your hero. Defeating monsters you gain experience points which you spend on the development of the necessary skills. From the corpses of defeated monsters and will drop a variety of things and money. Things just to increase various parameters of your character, or they can be sold to merchants. The money in turn can be spent on the purchase of more complex equipment.

Safe place in the world Flare

The graphics are of course inferior to modern commercial RPG’s such as Diablo 3 or Allods, but if gameplay to you is still the first place to look at Flare still stands.

Landscapes locations in Flare

The easiest way to install the game in Ubuntu (or any other distro or OS) is to install the game using Desura. But you can also download the game from the official site of the game: http://flarerpg.org/ There you will find a build for Windows and OSX.


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