Triplea: a turn based strategy game for Ubuntu

Strategy Triplea for Linux Ubuntu will give you the opportunity to feel like a great conqueror and enjoy the scenes of battles from the world of fantasy.One of the best entertainment for everyone is Triplea is a cross – platform turn-based strategy, which can be set in three operating systems: Linux, Windows and MacOS X. In this game you will be able to lead one of the armies of your choice and participate in real historical and fictional battles. Style game a bit like Risk, with the only difference that in Triplea you will have different troops and you can create alliances.

For Triplea developers have released a wide range of scenarios and maps: Punic Wars, Napoleonic Wars, World War II, etc. If you want to feel like a great conqueror, participate in the invasion of Nazi Germany into Poland in 1939, or the invasion of Napoleon’s army in Russia in 1812. Like ancient history? Organize the attack of the Greeks against Troy, the battle of the Roman legionaries against the barbarians, the Crusades of medieval knights to the Holy land!
Well, if this seems a little povoyuyte for middle earth (which, of course, the famous scene from Lord of the Rings). Lovers of horror films can make war with the bloodthirsty zombies, and the adherents of the “Star wars” — to repel evil and bloodthirsty Darth Vader.

The basis of Triplea – play Axis & Alies. The latest stable release of the game contains an embedded new technologies, increased texture resolution. In order to fully enjoy the game Triplea, you will have to download and install the latest version of the Java plugin for operating system Ubuntu. You can play on your computer with bots and on LAN, or the Internet (including by e-mail).

Installation of Triplea in Ubuntu

The game is written in Java (Install Java in Ubuntu) so first you need to install the latest version of the virtual machine. After that you can go directly to installing the latest version of the game. You can download the game on the official website of the game: In the archive with the application there are three files to run, each for their own operating system. You, as users of Ubuntu, will have to choose the file Click on this file, right-click, then “properties” – “right” – “allow execution of file as program”.

It should be noted that Triplea is one of the most popular turn-based strategy games for the Linux operating system. This is evidenced by the fact that its download approximately 10 thousand users per month. First and foremost, this game attracts the setting of the Second World war, as well as the ability to play by e-mail. In short, Triplea is a game for “real Colonel”.


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