Me & My Shadow

Me & My Shadow (me and my shadow) is a free open game representing a logical two-dimensional platformer. The game is available for both Linux and Windows.

In the game Me & My Shadow you control a strange little man and your job is on the playing field to go to the door to the next level. The first level is to do just enough on the more difficult levels, you must connect the logic and shadow.


Me & My Shadow

Shadow is the second character in the game it is necessary in cases when clovekom we can’t reach the door alone or even impossible to reach directly. It works like this — pressing the spacebar you record the action of the main character, which shadow repeats exactly. So you are pointing your shadow at the right place or forced to take the necessary action.

Me & My Shadow


As said above Me & My Shadow is available for Windows and Linux, for the latter it is distributed in source code, however, enthusiasts have collected packages for most known distributions. You can download the game on the official website Find ready packages for your distribution you can in the forum thread: For Ubuntu, you should select the Debian package suitable for your OS architecture (32 or 64 bits). If you don’t know what to do with the deb-acetam specially for you instructions for installing deb packages.

UPD. Installation in Ubuntu.

As suggested in the comments to install the game in Ubuntu using ppa repository ppa:odamite/meandmyshadow-stable (using ppa repositories). It is enough to do in the terminal the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:odamite/meandmyshadow-stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install meandmyshadow



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