The sequel to Gratuitous Space Battles 2 will appear at the end of the year

Good news for fans of games in the genre of “strategy”: the company PositechGamesпланирует to release before the end of this year, a continuation of the famous Gratuitous Space Battles (GSB).The second part of the game will be able to enjoy the users of the three platforms: Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

The basis of the gameplay remains old: the player must put together his Armada of military spacecraft and, before she rushes into battle, to give the necessary orders.

In the process of working on GratuitousSpaceBattles 2 programmers PositechGames significantly improved graphics, particularly the view in the background of the game. Now space blocks of meteorites and other celestial objects look more three-dimensional. However, this is nothing more than an optical illusion: the game, as before, remained planar.

In the sequel to the space strategy the player will face three new types of ships – giant dreadnoughts, destroyers, who perform purely auxiliary role, as well as gunboat is a larger fighter.

Any of the types of ships the player must construct yourself. This is a special editor. At the option of the player offers several types of buildings. In each case there are slots for placement of parts necessary for the operation of your units.

The main editor is a set of models: weapons, protective devices, motors, and other objects (for example, cabin compartments). As you progress through the game you get a new, more sophisticated and powerful weapons. Special counters show how much your ship is ready for battle with the enemies. For example, the willingness will be zero if the guns consume more energy than they produce turbines.

The most interesting part of the GSB is, of course, the games themselves. However, in contrast to design, the role of man here is the most minimal. Although looks are just amazing, the vehicles rumble and explode and the lights from the blasters cut through the screen. Thus, on the basis of this strategy, someone could make an excellent screen saver for your desktop!


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