Warzone 2100

Warzone 2100 is one of the best free real time strategy released under an open license. This industrial strategy, the time and place of the events which take place in the distant future after a nuclear Holocaust.

As written on the website (http://wz2100.net) WarZone 2100 was originally developed by Pumpkin. This is a real time strategy game made in 3D, it includes all the elements characteristic of games of this genre, but also has a number of distinctive and even unique features such as a large technology tree, many variations of design of units, powerful artillery and more. In 1999 the game was released for PC and PlayStation.

In 2004, the year the game was released under an open license (GPL) copyright by Eidos-interactive. After that, the game was ported to all popular platforms including Linux (as there is a port under Windows and MacOS).

In the game you will command various kinds of machines to restore peace and order after a nuclear disaster. You do design units of learning new technologies and weapons. The game is interesting in that tech tree is huge and you can create very different according to the characteristics of the units.

Since the game takes place in a post apocalyptic future, the location is not particularly abound with the beauty of the landscape. Basically it is a scorched desert with a few buildings and rusty cars. But it generally does not spoil the gameplay.

The game is available for all popular types of games: story-driven company, multiplayer online, and single player fights on a single card.

In Ubuntu the game is available in the repository and installed through the software Center and using the command:

sudo apt-get install warzone2100

Or you can always download the latest version on the website of the game.


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