Lugaru HD — the fighting rabbits in Ubuntu

Many have played in fighting games. All already got used to that in games of this genre are pumped characters with anime faces, different evil in the form of monsters and other such heroes. But in the game Lugaru is not the case. As fighters there are the rabbits.

The main character Turner is looking for the villains that destroyed his village. On the way to the elucidation of the causes that resulted in the heinous crime, he is faced with the conspiracy of the rabbit ruling the Republic, and wolves that live on the neighbouring island. In the end the main character does not remain anything, except how, armed with fists, feet and swords save the good rabbits from slavery and being eaten by wolves. The wolves had managed to eat the entire population of the neighboring Islands and now have decided to do otherwise. Capturing the rabbit population into slavery, and died a little appetite, the wolves plan to provide for themselves and their children well-fed old age, leaving behind seizures, raids, and other actions that require a lot of effort.

Lugaru is a third-person fighting game. The game developed by Wolfire Games. Available on Linux, Windows and Mac. Installing the game does not cause difficulties even for beginners. After starting the game prompts you to select the player’s name, level of difficulty, and receive training. You can just go into battle, but without training the neighbors in the forest will quickly send the main character’s actions back to the game menu. In obuchalka discusses the possibilities of moving in space. For example, using walls and a pair of keys, you can force the rabbit to flit over his enemies like the heroes of the Matrix never dreamed of. And of course the training explains how to properly beat the crap out of villains.

Trained enough, you can go into battle. The graphics are not the fountain, happy old-fashioned. But for my Linux toys it will go. Leaves from trees and mud from the rocks fly, and thanks to the developers. Gameplay is built pretty easy and fun from the game can be fun. The game is available two modes. Company is available free of charge, but Chalenge is not quite free. Free available only the first three levels. And then there are two options. Or continue to play the first three levels or developers to pay almost 10 evergreen notes.

On the official website of the game available mods that add additional companies. In General, the game is original, quite funny and leaves a lot of pleasant experiences. While ten dollars may not be such a high price for this pleasure.

Install Lugaru HD in Ubuntu

File install the game under Linux, Windows and MacOS on the official website:

In linux the setup file (bin) you need to download to a temporary directory, assign it execute permission and run. To make the file executable in Nautilus, you need to click on the file, right-click, select properties, then on the rights tab, set the checkbox Execute, and click OK (More info on how to make a file executable).

To purchase and install Lugaru HD is available via Steam.


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