GIMP GIMP’s new Unstable Build allows you to test the capabilities of GIMP 3.0

GIMP GIMP GIMP 2.99.2 is an unstable build, available for testing, and the first in the direction of the long-awaited, promising and extremely important release of GIMP 3.0. Currently, there is no exact data on the release date of GIMP 3.0, but let’s hope that the developers will release it in 2021.

“We want to release GIMP v3 and we need to pay a lot of attention to the details. That’s where we are now and why we are releasing this first version to developers, ” the GIMP team says about this release.

GIMP GIMP 3.0 is of great importance as it is the first version of an image editing application based on GTK3, rather than the GTK2 UI toolkit (which stable versions of GIMP are currently in use). This change is important and brings many improvements.

The GIMP GTK3 port has been in development for a very long time, which highlights how large-scale the changes are, since the updated version should work stably on all systems, regardless of the application version.

Visually, GTK3 presents modern widgets, dialog boxes, and toolbars, and, if necessary, uses some client-side decorations. Also improved is support for HiDPI displays – something that is currently a hit and a calling card of stable versions of GIMP.

The move to GTK3 also allows developers to create new CSS – based themes for the editor, taking advantage of the system’s light / dark mode settings, proper use of character icons (plus options for full-color icons), and more. Unfortunately, the existing GIMP themes are not compatible.

GIMP GIMP 3.0’s other changes, which are available for testing in GIMP 2.99.2, include multi-layer selection (plus support for interacting with or making changes to multiple selected layers), support for hot-plugging inputa devices, and enabling rendering caching for a faster and more responsive user response.

GIMP GIMP extensions (in .gex format) make it easier for developers, artists, and users to install custom brushes, screensavers, templates, plugins, a safe, searchable directory inside GIMP itself.

Here are the most important changes in GIMP 2.99.2:

  • GTK3-based user Interface
  • Improved HiDPI support
  • Best Wayland Support
  • Ability to select multiple layers
  • New API for plugins
  • Extension support
  • Greater color space coverage
  • Render caching
  • Code refactoring

For a broader overview of the changes, see the GIMP news on Gitlab.

How to download GIMP 2.99.2

GIMP 2.99.2 is an unstable releaseintended only for developers, bug hunters, and avid enthusiasts. Some of the features mentioned above are still in development, so there may be bugs and some functionality missing.

GIMP GIMP 2.99.2 for Windows can be downloaded from the GIMP Developer download page. There is currently no version of the app for macOS.

Linux users who want to test GIMP 2.99.2 are encouraged to use Flatpak and Flathub, or rather the Flathub beta channel:

flatpak remote-add --user flathub-beta

After adding the Flathub beta repository, run this command to directly install GIMP beta:

flatpak install --user flathub-beta org.gimp.GIMP

Since the GIMP beta Flatpak can be installed alongside the regular stable version (i.e. does not replace it), Flatpak will not “show” two versions of the same app in the app menu by default. To run GIMP beta, run the command:

flatpak org.gimp.GIMP//beta

For an easier way to test the build, just grab the latest version of the GIMP AppImage continuous build from GitHub (the 2.99.x builds are usually found below on the page) or click the following link to download the latest version at the time of writing:

Download GIMP 2.99.2 (64-bit .AppImage)


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