The Maze of Galious

The Maze of Galious (MoG) is a platform arcade game in which you control a knight and have to overcome level after level.

Initially the game Maze of Galious was called Konami and was created for computers MSX (Machines with Software eXchangeability).

Maze of Galious is a linear platformer. The player must move the character through the levels, which consist of strictly horizontal surfaces. You can climb stairs, to jump, to fight, to go down to other locations.

The game features one huge map called castle (castle), and 10 podcast called worlds (worlds). The game starts in the castle, as you progress you must find the keys from each of the 10 worlds.

At the end of each of the worlds is the battle with the boss. To complete the game you need to destroy all the bosses. To destroy all the bosses you’ll need to use two of the characters are Popolon and Aphrodite. They have their own special abilities. Popolon

good jump, quickly break rocks to pass through the revolving door. Aphrodite

can perfectly swim, do three shots and put three bombs.

As you progress through the player is faced with a hundred different enemies. They can be destroyed in different ways.

Distinctive features of the Maze of Galious this is a freedom of movement. You can always go back to the previous location and see maybe you out there that missed it.

The game development stopped in 2009, but will be interesting to fans of games of this genre. Problems with installation in Ubuntu Linux does not arise.

Installation in Ubuntu Linux

To install the game in Ubuntu Linux you can use the standard repositories. To install run the following command:

sudo apt install mazeofgalious

To run the game from the command line by doing:


To install The Maze of Galious in Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install mazeofgalious
Game site (free download):The Maze of Galiousscreenshots of the game

  • (version: 0.62)

  • (version: 0.62)

  • (version: 0.62)


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