Spell check in LibreOffice

We all make mistakes when writing different texts. Whether it’s an official document, a resume, or an article for a website. It is advisable to correct these errors. To do this, there are various programs and services for spell checking. It is most convenient to check for errors in the same program where you write the text. The best spell checker in Microsoft Office. However, LibreOffice also has it.

In this short article, we will look at how to set up spell checking in LibreOffice, how it works, and how to use additional features and extensions to do this.

Spell check in LibreOffice

Simple spell checking works in LibreOffice by default, automatically highlighting errors in the text with a red line, as in MS Office. But in order for this spell check to work correctly, you need to correctly select the language of the text in the document. To do this, select the text, find the text language indicator at the bottom of the window, approximately in the middle, and click on it, then select the desired language:

After that, spelling errors will be correctly highlighted in the text. If you want to specifically go through all the errors, open the menuService and selectSpell check. The program will guide you through all the errors in turn and offer to fix them:

To apply the fix suggested by the program, click Replace. You can skip the error or add a word to the dictionary so that it is no longer highlighted.

By default, the spell check in the document is quite primitive. If you want a more accurate check, you can use the extension to check the style and grammar of LanguageTool. It is an open source product that can be used together with LibreOffice for free. You can download the extension from this page. Just choose the latest version:

When the extension is loaded, just double-click on it. The LibreOffice extension manager opens and you will need to confirm the installation.:

When the extension is installed, you need to restart LibreOffice. After that, in the text, in addition to the red underscores, you will see blue ones. This is the result of the LanguageTool extension. To see what the problem is just right click on the underlined text:

For example, in this case, the tool reports that a comma was omitted. As you can see, the LibreOffice spell check works by default, you just need to select the correct language. And it is also not very difficult to enable additional verification features. Just install the extension. If you are interested in how to disable spell checking in LibreOffice, then just uncheck the boxAuto-check spelling in the menuService.

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