as-tree — console Rust utility to output in the tree view, files and folders more simple and visually pleasing alternative to the utility tree.

tree — developed in the early 90-ies of the command-line utility designed to recursively scan the file system and display the information in a readable tree-like form.

The utility tree has lots of options, output is produced with a brief or with the specified details, in monochrome or color form (if set in the environment variable LS_COLORS). as-tree as simple as possible (the tree), but displays the results in a much more visually understandable form.

as-tree is particularly useful when used in conjunction with such utilities as ls (from a set of coreutils), find, fd, lolcate, mlocate, tlocate and other console tools to search for files and directories.

License: Blue Oak Model License Version 1.0.0

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Author: posixru


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