JumpFm — minimalistic Electron (JavaScript) graphical two-pane file Manager.

JumpFm is the most simple user interface, created a file Manager with a focus on performance and therefore allows for very efficient to navigate through the file system.

File Manager JumpFm easily configured and expanded, all settings are made by editing the configuration files (located in the directory ~/.jumpfm), the plugin system is implemented based on NPM (the package Manager included with Node.js), plug-ins are loaded when you first start (over 140 available).

JumpFm supports all the basic functionality you need when working with the file system. You can add directories to bookmarks (favorites), search and filter, show hidden files and much more…

JumpFm allows to change panels in some places, not displaying any dialog confirmation when deleting files, the control is performed only with the keyboard and fully customizable (in the file ~/.jumpfm/keyboard.json).

License: ISC License

Home page

Page opendesktop.org

Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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