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dcalc — console C (si) / Curses stack calculator (RPN calculator) for programmers and financiers, an arithmetic and scientific calculator.

Stack calculator — calculator accumulating a sequence of operands (the argument of the operation) and operations in a stack (set memory cells), and then alternately removes them from the stack and calculates the result. Stack machine called the algorithm produces calculations in reverse Polish notation.

Reverse Polish notation (Reverse Polish notation / RPN) — form mathematical and logical expressions in which the operands are located in front of the signs operations. Also the entry is referred to as inverse Polish record, reverse beskonechna record beskonechna the symbolism of Lukasiewicz and Postfix notation.

gdcalc — handy C (si) / GTK (Glade / Gnome) graphical interface (GUI) for console stack calculator dcalcceased development in mid – 2002 year.

If you are using an ordinary calculator the user does not see the expression as a whole, and therefore, can make a mistake when entering data. Calculator gdcalc essential when performing operations with two numbers, and the expressions can contain several operations ( + ,- ,*, :, etc.), and parentheses that define the order of math operations.

gdcalc allows you to perform arithmetic operations apply to numbers stored in the second and first cells of the stack. The result of the operation is written to the first cell stack and the number of the second cell is removed. After that, if the third cell contains the data they move to the second, the contents of the fourth cell in the third and so on until the last occupied cell that is empty.

It would be a mistake to think that any calculator that can compute mathematical expressions, is stack. In fact, the stack calculator is a calculator that uses a stack to temporarily store data and evaluates expressions according to a special algorithm. To calculate such expression in any other way, but such treatment usually requires a lot of effort.

gdcalc gives easy access to almost all features of console calculator dcalc, providing as Reverse Polish notation (Reverse Polish Notation)and Algebraic notation (Algebraic notation), regular (style TI or Casio). The graphic version includes the console, a separate install is not required to control using mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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