Soldier of Fortune: soldiers of fortune against terrorists

The theme of the fight against terrorism and Subversion has always been popular not only in geopolitics but also in computer games. More than a year before the infamous attack on the twin towers, the company Activision is releasing a game of Soldier of Fortune, which translated into Russian means “soldiers of fortune”, “mercenary”. Game developer is an American company Raven Software. In 2002 there was a continuation of the game called “Double Helix”. 5 years after this came the third part of the Saga – Payback. To enjoy high quality game can users Windows and Linux, as well as the owners of gaming consoles.


Based on the gameplay of the “Soldier of fortune” is the fight against terrorism. Every time you will need to rescue hostages, pursue saboteurs of the catacombs, the sewers, bombs and weapons of mass destruction.

You play as John Mullins, a mercenary working for the organization “The Shop”. Test good soldier will fall is not easy, so he usually will help partner Aaron (Hawk) Parsons. The geography of terrorism is extremely wide: Japan, Russia, Kosovo, Siberia, Iraq, Germany, etc. have to Deal with two brothers – William and Sergey Deckere, as well as with the Iraqi General Mohammed Amu. The brothers are the leaders of the two terrorist organizations and “rogue COP” Mohammed Amu supplies for Sergei Dekker enriched uranium. In many cases, our heroes will be on the verge of death, but they will always bail out the “old friend” combat luck.

Equipment and Arsenal

At the disposal of “fighters against terrorism” will be a large assortment of weapons ranging from a knife and ending the microwave pulse emitter. The main equipment of each soldier is Kevlar body armor. The player’s health will be permanent until you break down the body armor. The only exception is wound from very powerful weapons, as well as burns.


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