War Thunder in Linux

The company Gaijin Entertainment has done a very nice gift to all fans of their products: War Thunder in Linux, now available for install and play for all fans of this operating system. At the moment games for Linux only on the official website — http://warthunder.ru/. You can also download the game for Windows operating systems and Mac OS (the game will only work on 64 bit systems). Soon the Linux version will be accomodated in the digital distribution service Steam.

However, this is not all pleasantness from Gaijin Entertainment. The official blog posted information about the upcoming release of the 1.45 patch called “Steel generals”. The update promises to install on the web server before the end of the year.

The highlight of the update is that it will bring to War Thunder new American model of military equipment. For example, M4 Sherman bears the name of Civil war General William Sherman, the M26 Pershing is named after John J. Pershing, the hero of the First world war. In total, the game will be added 30 tanks and self-propelled. Of course, in addition to American technology, players will be able to try out the new models released at the time, Soviet and German military industry.

So, in this blog not only to read the profiles 5 models (M2, M16 Halftrack, the M4A1 (76) “Sherman”, M41 Walker Bulldog and M103), but I read about them interesting historical information.

Last month the manufacturer unveiled a new spectacular trailer for the game with live actors. The soundtrack to the video – the song of Anna German “don’t rush”, a converted Russian rock-group “Murakami”.

War Thunder is a multiplayer online game dedicated to all sorts of troops that participated in the Second World war. The game is still in open beta testing, during which the developers do not get tired to implement in War Thunder new equipment and other indispensable for the simulator elements. When will the final version of the game, the developer said.

How to install War Thunder in Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.)

After registering on the website http://warthunder.ru/ you will be able to download the game client. The downloaded archive must be unpacked, for example in the root of your home directory:


Navigate to this directory and run launcher. You’ll see the standard game client War Thunder, which will immediately start to upload the game itself (about 3Gb). Be patient — the process may be delayed depending on your Internet speed. When the download is completed, choose the top Russian language, set the graphics settings to the required values and press the Play button. Already in the game, you need to enter the username and password with which you registered. Good luck fighting!

If this method seems difficult to you, then you can install the game through Steam

Installing War Thunder in Windows

In this operating system is a little different, but everything is even easier. You just need to register on the site http://warthunder.ru/ and then download from the official site setup and just run it by double-clicking. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Bonus — a special map for players of War Thunder!


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