far2l is a full — featured C++ / wxWidgets (WxGTK) dvuhpolnyh file Manager, GNU/Linux version of FAR Manager v2 (for Windows FAR).

FAR Manager — console file Manager for operating systems Microsoft Windows. The first public version was released in September 1996 that the author of the project Evgenie has Rosal. With 2000 years develop file Manager deals with a group of FAR Group.

FAR Manager has two Windows (dual pane file Manager)has the coloring, the system of commands and keys borrowed from popular in the mid-eighties and early nineties, a file Manager, Norton Commander (file Manager for DOS).

Introduced file Manager Norton Commander paradigm file (two identical panels between which operations happen, and most of the commands are shortcuts) is still used in most file managers.

The first test build of the file Manager far2l published in mid-August 2016 . Assembly is performed independent enthusiast, when creating code used projects: FAR for Windows, WINE, ANSICON, Portable UnRAR and 7z ANSI-C Decoder.

Dvuhpolnyh file Manager far2l has a graphical and a command-line version that provides basic functionality of FAR Manager as a file Manager and archives, a variety of settings, has a built-in terminal emulator and a text editor.

far2l to increase functionality will be expanded with plugins, ported and workable set of the most popular plugins FAR Managersuch as Align, AutoWrap, Colorer, DrawLine, Editcase, FarFTP, FarLng, MultiArc, NetBox, SimpleIndent, TmpPanel , etc…

far2l is still in the development stage, continues adding features and porting of the plugins (DLL), the application included documentation FAR Manager (including in Russian).

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

Home page

Page launchpad.net (PPA)

far2l-deb (port 2 Far Manager for Ubuntu/Mint)

Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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