Angry Birds on Ubuntu

Now you can play popular game Angry Birds in your favorite OS! All you need is Google Chrome or its open version Chromium. The game is made on HTML5 and is fully identical to their versions for iPhone or Android.

If you haven’t installed it in Chromium to do this in recent versions of Ubuntu is very easy using the software Center or by entering the command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install chromium chromium-browser-l10n

To play you just need to open the browser this page:

For those who have never seen this wonderful toy small description: the game is a geometric puzzle. In the story of the green pigs stole birds eggs and thus aroused the wrath of the latter. During the game you have to pass dozens of levels each of which you will be given a slingshot and some birds for different purposes. Birds need to shoot a slingshot at the pigs, which from level to level hide in increasingly sophisticated fortifications. Each species of birds their abilities: some of you just need to throw, the other can be separated in flight into three parts, the third can break through wooden structures, etc.

Angry Birds is a fun game excellent time killer, which will undoubtedly be pleased! Nice game and a fun pastime!


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