MegaMek is a computer incarnation of BattleTech

We present to your attention MegaMek is a fantastic world in which war is never-ending. A brief respite, if there, is only the prelude to even more fierce bloodshed. The game is set in the 31st century: then on the battlefield will dominate not planes and tanks, and mechs, robots, power and the terrain is many times superior to a tank. In the Universe of the fourth Millennium is a lot of interesting things: created and lost state, military and trade unions.

In this game you will have anything you want – any equipment, infantry, artillery, Navy, armored forces and aviation. But the most important of your “strike force” will be robots. The complexity of MegaMek directly depends on how “tough” the opponent you find yourself. The Network has a lot of scripts and resources on this game to find them easily.

Widespread and purely online version of the game MegaMekNET. Even seasoned players will be surprised by the number of all sorts of “Goodies” and “widgets” which are in it. You will be available “pumping” of the pilots, starmap, management of the army, and much more.

The history of the game

MegaMek is essentially “computer reincarnation” BattleDroids Board game, released in 1984. Later came numerous add – on literary works, video games, cartoons, completes and complements the gaming universe. In Russia works of art dedicated to the game world 31st century appeared in the 90-ies of the last century (publishing house “bustard”). In General on this subject was written more than 100 fiction novels. The first work was the “Battle” by William Keith, published in 1986.

The first video game depicting the world of BattleTech is MechWarrior (1989). After that, from 1995 to 2000, has released three versions of the game. The fourth was the most successful from a commercial point of view, but since 2010 is absolutely free. In September last year the whole series was restarted under the name MechWarriorOnline. The new publisher was the company Piranha Games.

To install MegaMek in Ubuntu

To install you need to connect your gaming repository playdeb. After that, the game is regular means by package name: megamek. Maybe you just have to install the correct Ubuntu version of Java.


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