ZVVBook — multifunction Python / QT GUI application for reading electronic books.

E-books have a lot of handy qualities such as: light weight, variety, availability, etc… So sooner or later for users collecting digital library raises the question of its organization. Using ZVVBook you can easily solve the issue of cataloging and read ebooks in several formats.

ZVVBook has a simple user interface and minimum settings, the app offers its own approach to solving the problem of the organization of the collection. Books are stored in a separate directory, distributed by thematic subdirectories. In the sidebar you can open the tree directory to view the books in your home directory.

Specified in the settings directory with e-books is displayed in the workspace ZVVBook in the form of catalogs and/or electronic books that are displayed as icons, books, or miniatures of the covers (works for all books), is supported by a search through the local library.

The book selection ZVVBook displays the cover art and a brief description of the book, read the book open in a separate tab, you can simultaneously open several books. When reading you can change the font and size and also change background (there are eleven textures, Wallpaper).

ZVVBook lets you search and download books from online public libraries that have the ability to browse by genre and search by title. Found the book open to read or load (default ~/Books/Downloads).

ZVVBook allows you to view the books table of contents to quickly navigate, you can add a bookmark at a desired location (the bookmarks are stored in ~/.config/ZVVBook/bookmarks), settings are saved in the configuration file (~/.config/ZVVBook/config.ini).

ZVVBook supports e-books in formats FB2 (*.fb2), EPUB (*.epub) , and PDF (*.pdf), including Packed in ZIP-archives, management focused on the use of the mouse only partially supported by the keyboard.

License: FREE (on site)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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