Critterding — dimensional C++ / OpenGL (Irrlicht Engine) simulator of artificial life (Evolving Artificial Life), the universe in a “Petri dish(Petri dish). The author of the project Bob Winkelmans (Bob Winckelmans).

Petri dish — transparent laboratory vessel in the form of a low cylinder, close the transparent cover of similar shape, but slightly larger diameter. Used in biology and chemistry, invented in 1877 named after the inventor Julius Richard Petri (assistant to Robert Koch).

Critterding is an educational entertaining game simulating the processes associated with the evolution of organisms in an artificial world. The game “default” offers a small world with a relatively large amount of food in which to place organisms (critters / Critters) with randomly generated parameters.

Critters trying to survive, moving in search of food, breeding and evolyutsioniruet. Gradually the organisms ‘ behavior becomes more orderly, as survival of the fittest, their behavior ceases to be chaotic and meaningless, they begin to find more and better ways to survive.

The body of the Critters is composed of parts of two types, connected by joints. The head is painted red, on it are the organs of vision and absorption of food, other segments of the bodies of organisms are designed for movement in any direction and can have any color (depending on the resulting type of the body).

The offspring Critters a chance to get a positive and a negative mutation on the organisms of one generation, the same mutation can have different effects. As soon as the population of Critters has been a steady and predetermined maximum, it decreases, as it significantly reduces food resources (during the evolution in a closed environment).

Critterding provides two main habitat types, covered “Petri dish” and the world is flat, the planet is surrounded by vacuum and with gravity to hold the organisms on the surface. For open world, you can upload your own landscapes with the option settings and the type of dynamic lighting.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 / 3.0 (GPLv2/GPLv3)

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