Tower Toppler (Nebulous)

Tower Toppler is a small C++ / SDL platformer recreated retro game Nebulus.

Nebulus — game in the genre of platforming, released by Hewson Consultants in 1987 year for 8bit and 16bit computers (ZX Spectrum, IBM PC, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Atari, etc)and game consoles (Nintendo, GameBoy, NES, Atari, etc). Version of the game from another publisher called Tower Toppler, and the version for Nintendo was called Castelian.

Tower Toppler is almost completely recreated retro platformer with several unique features. The game character is a small green creature called Pogo (Pogo), who in each game need to destroy eight towers built in the sea. In two missions in addition to the original (classic levels) the game includes multiple levels with increased difficulties.

The character starts the path at the bottom, at the base of the tower, and his goal is the top of the tower. The brick tower, of cylindrical shape, along its outer side are staircases and landings associated with elevators, sometimes there are horizontal tunnels leading through the tower (on other side). One of the features of the game is that the character always remains in the center of the screen (even moving), rotates and moves up/down the tower with the background.

To get to the top of the tower the character interfere with the robots of various kinds, they take off Pogo on one or two platforms down if he didn’t manage to pass high enough it may fall into water and drown (lose a life). Some of the enemies can Dodge, and some “freeze“, but in add-on to the enemies to hinder the way up falling and slippery platform as well as the pulsating energy fences.

Sometimes the character has to act unconventionally and with cunning in order to overcome on the way. Reaching the top of Pogo comes to the last door and triggers the destruction of the tower, she transformed into the sea, and the character sits in your submarine and swim to the next tower (the level).

Pogo traveling in water depths between the towers (levels), can partially restore strength, adding to the score and to increase the number of lives by catching fish with a harpoon torpedoes, to complicate the game a bonus level can be disabled.

Tower Toppler has low system requirements, can run in window and full screen mode, you can change the speed of the game, supported by music and sound, are controlled using keyboard or joystick, a built-in “level Editor“, is a list of records (name).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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