M. A. R. S. Space arcade

M. A. R. S. is quite a dynamic arcade game made for the Linux platform, in which you control a futuristic vehicle. Game to be remembered by gamers for its brightness, quality, excellent graphics, colorful and bright objects, which can not be evident. Everywhere neon light and various space objects.


Your task will be to play for a space ship, whose mission is to destroy all of the ships-enemies. If you want you can play by yourself and deal with the entire hordes of ships-bots. It should be noted that artificial intelligence is developed quite well and copes with the task, it is possible to adjust the level of difficulty – so you won’t get bored, and will demand of conquering new heights.

Call your friends and play on one computer together, it is so much more interesting! The ability to play via Internet or network at the moment not yet implemented in the menu are the buttons but clicking on them, you will see the message: “soon this feature will be implemented”.
Your choice will be provided with several types of ships, four game modes and most variety of weapons. The physical model is implemented on a fairly high level, so that leaves a pleasant feeling after participating in space battles.

The game was translated into the Russian language, to make the game available to any player. When writing we used the following graphics libraries: SFML and OpenGL. The game is suitable for both Windows and Linux.

Install M. A. R. S. on Ubuntu

Unfortunately this game is not in standard Ubuntu repositories, but the developers have created a ppa repository ppa:mars-core/ppa (how to connect ppa). After you connect the repository install the game normally via the app center. Once everything is installed, the game can be run in the following way: “Applications” and find “Games” or using the command “mars”, specified on the command line.


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