Got the first part of the game Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey

Norwegian company Red Thread Games announced the release of the first part of the game Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey. The game is a continuation of the quest “The Longest Journey” and “Dreamfall: The Longest Journey”. Novelty has a “point and click” interface, the main focus of the developers have done on the player interaction with the main characters, solving puzzles and the world.

Thanks to the Unity engine 4 programmers and designers have created a game world, some locations which you can explore on your own, without reference to the main plot. Gradation of different levels depends on what time of year it is in the game. The player can move freely from one location to another.

Gameplay “Dream fall Chapters: The Longest Journey” takes place in 2 parallel universes Stark, which is a future Earth in the year 2220 and Arcadia, a magical world-the twin Earth. The two worlds are relatively isolated from each other, but Zoe Castillo and April Ryan found an opportunity of travelling from his native stark to Arcadia and back.

In 2209, the year the Earth was a worldwide catastrophe, but by the beginning of the game the world slowly recovering from it. This process prevents actual destruction of companies: people “sat down” on the technology of lucid dreaming, which was developed by Wati Corp. In parallel, Arcadia, the Azadi Empire is once again becoming powerful, and the Tower, as before, “collecting dreams”.

The management of “Dream fall Chapters: The Longest Journey” is very simple: the mouse and the keyboard (the keys W, A, S, D). The game also supports gamepads, but is tuned for keyboard and mouse. Player interaction with an object or character by pointing the mouse cursor and select the desired item from the menu.

About half the playing time – a dialogue, and puzzles that look like dialogs. The interface is hidden by default – this is done for greater immersion of the player in the “Dream fall Chapters”.

Work on the creation of the game was launched back in 2012. A little later the Norwegian film Institute has listed the development of the project 174 thousand dollars. To collect the missing funds in February last year ran a campaign on Kickstarter that brought in the game’s budget of $ 1.5 million.

Install Dreamfall Chapters in Ubuntu

The game is available for purchase through the service distribution of games Steam. You first need to install the Steam client.


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