earlyoom (Early OOM Daemon)

earlyoom (Early OOM Daemon) — working in background C++ command-line utility allows you to configure the emergency shutdown process consuming the most memory in the system. Designed as a utility working in user space alternative to Linux Out-of-Memory Killer (OOM Killer).

OOM Killer (Linux Out-of-Memory Killer) — the kernel component of Linux designed to solve the problem of lack of memory. The mechanism providing protection of the system in critical situation, when the memory on the basis of a special algorithm calculates the process completion which will cause the least harm and frees the memory.

Early OOM Daemon focuses on prevention of occurrence of a critical situation, periodically checking the amount of available memory and tries at an early stage to prevent the situation from scarcity of supply. If the available memory is less than a specified value (in the file /etc/default/earlyoom or from the command line) that is forced to end the process is the most memory-intensive, bringing with it a pop-up notification (used notify-send).

License: MLT (The MIT License)

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