Officially released Xfce 4.14, here’s what’s new

It was developed more than 4 years, but finally saw the light of the long-awaited release of Xfce 4.14.

4.14 Xfce – stable is an extreme version of this lightweight desktop environment, all key components are ported to GTK3, most received the support of GObject and was held mnogestvo improvements and bug fixes.

For example, the window Manager xfwm4 is now poderico Vsync , works better with HIDPI monitors and uses XInput2. It also boasts the best integration with the proprietary Nvidia drivers, and supports a new default theme.

Improved plug-in task list available utilities for the Xfce panel, it now supports the grouping of the indicators window. Add to this a new setting for the size of icons in each pane and a new format hours by default.

Session Manager xfce4-session now allows users to add and edit the AutoPlay settings; added button “switch user” in the dialogue output from the system; and also adds various improvements.

File Manager Thunar has redesigned the path bar, with support for larger thumbnails of files and folders and better navigation with the keyboard.

Xfce 4.14 also for the first time includes a new built-in Manager screen savers in the form of xfce4-screensaver.

Other notable changes and features in Xfce 4.14:

  • New Manager color profiles
  • The ability to save configurations for multiple displays
  • Covert support RandR scaling display
  • Plug-in battery can show a charge in the form octavegosia lyingYeni and/or %
  • A new pphase of “do Not disturb”
  • New plugin “Missed notifications” for panel
  • The ability to set Wallpapers for your desktop from the program image viewer Ristretto
  • Improved utility for screenshots
  • MPRIS2 support in PulseAudio plugin for panel

You can find the full list of changes for this release in the Xfce wiki .

How to install Xfce 4.14

Unlike a simple app update, as a rule, a little harder to install new releases of desktop environments due to the large number of active components.

Xfce 4.14 will be the basis in Xubuntu 19.10, which should see the light in October.

But you have no choice if you want to try it before.

You can test Xfce 4.14, without making any changes to the current configuration, using DockerHub or a virtual machine image.

In addition, many distributed releases, including Arch and Manjaro, will make this update available in the coming days.


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