Globulation 2: RTS for Ubuntu

We present to your attention Globulation 2 – an interesting real time strategy game, with beautiful graphics, but without a plot. The “highlight” of this RTS is the unusual control of units –workers, spies and soldiers. Each of these types has its own characteristics.

The main feature of Globulation 2

In Globulation 2 has introduced a new kind of gameplay: tasks are given to all units at once, wholesale. In other games you have to control every combat unit or work separately, and it takes too much time.

You just command, and your units are doing everything possible and impossible to fulfill their mission. The scouts themselves, without your intervention, go to exploration, the workers build fortifications, and the soldiers looking for the enemy and fight with him. Thus, you have the opportunity to focus only on strategy games and don’t “waste your time” on the little things. A real Paradise for those who want to feel like a king, or at least commander of your own army!

We have already mentioned that in Globulation 2, there are three types of units. Exactly the same here, the number of resources – stone, wood and food. The goal is the extraction of resources to the prosperity of their state and fight against all opponents. Methods of struggle can be a few enemies can just destroy it and to deprive of resources, and then they “die” themselves. If you have the makings of a diplomat, you can do otherwise – to lure enemy units to their side.

The game has some of the features of warfare, namely the use of certain flags. For example, there is a “Flag collection” (set where you need to collect resources), “the Flag of exploration” (you need to install on the territory you want to explore first), the “Flag attack” (set it to the headquarters of the enemy and your soldiers will take this building to fight).

Game modes

Globulation 2 supports three game modes: on a local network, via the Internet, as well as the single player mode. Experienced players can use the built-in scripting language or editor. With them, the game will be much more interesting!

Install Globulation 2 on Ubuntu

The game is in the ubuntu repositories. Install the game is searching in the software Center package glob2 or execute the command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install glob2

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