Sandbox Game Maker – create your game yourself

Anyone, even a novice gamer sooner or later will want to try yourself in the role of a programmer is to create their own game, and thus to surprise their loved ones. It is not necessary to study for many years, and it is enough to use the finished product, SandboxGameMaker.

The app is a simple and very convenient design of surround worlds. In just a few minutes you can create your maze of streets, labyrinths and villages. Then we can all try out, and if you do not like to fix something to work on. To create a new and unique game everyone will be able to do this, forces need thirty minutes. And we can help you with this.

Basic information about the editor

Give the functions of the main functional and alphabetic keys. Clicking on the F1 key allows you to call the objects menu, choose one that interests you and paste it on the map. By pressing F2 you can select the textures, F3 – to change the current (or load new) card. To move the screen within the map need to use 4 letter keys: W, A, S, D. By pressing the E key will start the test mode – so you can try out the newly created game to practice.

The app has a great soundtrack – under an easy, mellifluous music to create doubly easier and more fun!

The program allows each experienced user to create a three-dimensional game of any genre. Due to the openness of the source code, you can make the editor your changes. Of course, this is not so simple – you need to have the skills of a professional programmer.

To sum up, come to the conclusion that SandboxGameMaker can be used with educational purposes, in the development in children of creative thinking. It is also a good tool for those who are beginning to try their hand at programming. However, please note that the process of creating your product can take weeks, and even months!

Install Sandbox Game Maker Ubuntu

The app is available in the standard Ubuntu repositories and installs named package sandboxgamemaker. You need to find an app by this name in the app Center and click “Install”


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