FreeCol — cross platform clone of Colonization

The old man Led Meir gave the game a lot of great strategy games, one of which was Colonization. Colonization is a turn — based military-economic strategy is somewhat similar to the legendary Civilization, but with some differences.

FreeCol Sea

If you’ve played Civilization, but have never played colonization before, you already know how to play colonization. The main differences of Colonization is the presence of the “mainland” and the possibility of obtaining assistance there, as well as the possibility of the sale of goods produced in the colony. Actually the goal is to surpass the development of the colony other colony on the mainland, to raise the population to revolt against the Motherland and separated into an independent colony.


As in Civilization, there’s a wide variety of military and economic units, you have to establish a relationship with local people you can civilize the Indians through Christian missions for example. In addition there are other units specializing in the production of certain resources, for example farmers, loggers, gunsmiths, and others. Their products you can use to ensure colony resources, sales and recruitment of new settlers.

FreeCol Colony

The game is free and is cross platform, written in Java, so for it to work you must install the appropriate libraries. In Ubuntu this happens automatically when you install the game from the app Center (search for freecol) or in a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install freecol

Download client for other platforms or distributions you may visit the official website:


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