Wasteland 2 turn-based tactical RPG

Users of the Linux operating system will be able to enjoy the new version of Wasteland 2 developer InXile Entertainment. The release was announced back in the spring of the year before, and only now became a reality. On 24 February this year, a version of the game and for Mac OS.

In addition to supporting Linux, patch game includes more than 400 different patches. So, greatly expanded the game map (in Arizona added a new large area). The developers brought in gameplay useful learning materials, many new enemies, updated music, reworked the balance of weapons and the trade screen. In Wasteland 2 have finally been able to get rid of the compatibility issues that were inherent in the first version. Just starting the game, the user can explore areas such as the Prison, Hypol and Agricultural center.

About 2 months ago Brian Fargo, the lead developer of the project, Wasteland 2, announced the beginning of the final stage of the development process. However, he said the current version of the game contains less than half the planned content. The completion of beta testing of the game, while it is not known.

In the second half of Wasteland 2 player “head” will dive into the adventure in a ruined Los Angeles and in the suburbs of “the hot spots on Earth.” It is expected that the final version of the game will be designed for about 50 hours of user time (and if the player will not be too rigorous).

It is useful to recall that the total budget of the game in April last year amounted to nearly $ 3 million. Both then and now the game is in the TOP 10 Kicstarter projects. Almost at the end of 2013, December 13 on Steam, a version of the game for computers (early access program).

When a huge gaming budget is finally fully justified, is unclear. Most likely, developers will be able to finalize your project any sooner than the fourth quarter of this year.

To play you need to install it from the base games on Steam (instructions for Steam for Ubuntu).


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