OpenClaw — re – C++ / SDL implementation (reimplementation) two-dimensional arcade Captain Claw.

Captain Claw (Captain Claw) is a classic 2D arcade gameproduced by Monolith Production and released 30 Sep 1997 . Game is the perfect blend of adventure and action, the game has beautiful cartoon graphics with a magnificent animation of the characters.

To implement OpenClaw the entire code base was written “from scratch“, working with two-dimensional physical objects provides the game engine Box2D (physics engine free, real-time), for data management library is used TinyXML (Simple, small XML parser), the game uses resources from the archives of the original game (the CLAW.REZ).

The plot of the game mighty pirate Captain Claw was captured and imprisoned in the prison of La ROCA, but the shackles and the grid is not able to hold it! Less than a week he decided to escape! He found a hidden note and part of the map, left by some by Edward Tobin and learns about the Amulet of Nine Lives, a mystical artifact which gives immortality.

Fearless Captain Nathaniel Joseph Claw (Captain Nathaniel J. Claw) getting out of prison goes in search of stones necessary to recreate the amulet. Lost a priceless artifact of the Amulet of Nine Lives (Amulet of Nine Lives) should not accrue to anyone except the brave and courageous cat, the player will have to help him…

The game has fourteen levels of: La Roca (Prison), Battlements (Fort), Footpath (Forest trail), Dark Woods (Dark forest), Township (Settlement), Puerto Lobos, Docks (Port), Shipyards (Shipyard), Pirates Cove (Pirate’s Cove), Cliffs (Cliffs), Caverns (Grottoes), Undersea Caves (Underwater caves), Tiger Island (Tiger Island) and the Temple (Castle).

Every two levels in the game is completely changing environment, with each level the difficulty increases and the game ends level with the “boss“, particularly strong opponent. The game has a large variety of opponents and a huge number scattered on the level “bonuses(prizes).

To start and configure OpenClaw used ClawLauncher, allowing you to run the game and/or set up basic settings (audio, video, paths to resources, etc.), settings stored in a configuration file (~/.config/openclaw/config.xml). There is only a single-player game mode, users can save games (in the file ~/.config/openclaw/SAVES.XML)to control using a keyboard.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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