Tux Football: a football game for Ubuntu

If you play football or are an avid fan, you’ll likely enjoy the “simulator of the game of millions” for the Linux operating system Tux Football. This is essentially the 2D soccer simulator, which in appearance very reminiscent of the old “DOS games”. If we talk about gameplay, then suggest Parallels with the project Kick Off from the company Amco and Sensible Soccer from the developer Sensible Software.


After the launch you will be able to enjoy the game in one of 2 modes: “vs computer” “player vs player”. Match the game does not necessarily lasts 45 minutes, as it happens in reality. You can play 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 minutes.
“Default” the game will start in windowed mode, but you can enter full screen view. In addition, you may want to define a new function keys – Redefine Keys.

The game is quite poor functionality, which represents only the most basic options: kick the ball, passing, tackling. Also has tackle and heading, including during a jump. Physics football simulator is quite realistic, but unfortunately not without drawbacks. For example, the ball entering in the net, flying her like a mesh consists entirely of air.

Also in the game there are no goalkeepers in goal are the players that perform the same functions as other members of the team. A bit unclear why players do not move smoothly and jerks. Overall, the game makes a pleasant impression. There are however, disadvantages, and they take work. Well, we believe that the next version of Tux Football is better and more functional than the real thing.

The setting of the game Tux Football

Currently the game is available for two operating systems: Windows and Linux. Download simulator the link: http://sourceforge.net/. However, in Ubuntu you can install the latest version of the game directly from the repositories. To do this in the software Center to search by keyword and set tuxfootball found in the game. Or execute in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install tuxfootball

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