Expanding the Arc Menu v30 adds new options, increasing productivity

Fans of expanding the Arc Menu for desktop GNOME Shell there are plenty of reasons to upgrade to the latest version.

Expanding the Arc Menu has been updated to 30th version, it includes “numerous changes and updates in the codebase ArcMenu”, which, according to the developers, “significantly” improve the appearance, shape and function of the Launchpad application.

The panel “search” in the Arc Menu has been rewritten to better fit the main screen of the GNOME Shell.

Arc Menu v30 can search more places

Accordingly, the applet now turns his attention to “search” the sources that are included in GNOME Control Centre > Search. This means that you will see the relevant files, system settings, and new software (in GNOME software), and they are clearly separated by the labels of the headers.

In addition, the Arc Menu now can perform the basic functions of a calculator is handy if you don’t want to wait 4 hours until you run the GNOME calculator 🙂

Want to see the menu of the external device and bookmarks of the files of theCSO Manager? Thanks to new switches in the settings panel it’s just impossible! This feature is perfect for quick access to external drives, CD / DVD, mounted images etc.

In the latest version of Arc Menu provides enhanced integration with “Dash to Panel, including adding support for Dash to Panel on multiple monitors (i.e., see Arc-Menu on all monitors).

In addition to changed the “Settings” panel, this update also adds a number of new settingsof the EC personalization. Because of this, you have more control over how the extension looks on your desktop, as well as how it integrates with the extensions such as “Dash to Dock and “Dash to Panel.

Also was added support for scaling to 4K and improved support for Wayland.

Arc Menu 30 is available on the website of GNOME Shell extensions (requires GNOME 3.32):

Download the extension ‘Arc Menu’ for the GNOME shell

If you use GNOME 3.32 and you already have the extension Arc Menu, you can upgrade it to the latest version by visiting extensions.gnome.org/local and pressing the green arrow “refresh”.

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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