Pympress — specialized Perl / Python / GTK (Cairo / PyGi) graphical application for viewing PDF presentations in LaTeXBamer in the “two screen mode(Dual-screen PDF reader).

Created using LaTeX and Bamer presentation format PDF (Portable Document Format) usually have a distinct structure that allows you to conveniently navigate and move around during a presentation or in a public speech. It provides special commands for the definition of “slide“, extended syntax for color management, the order of appearance of the elements of a slide, and more.

Pympress flexible settings and has all necessary functionality for comfortable presentations on two screens, all the functions available from the window menu on the device Rapporteur (of the lecturer). The preview includes the current “slide“to the next slide, text annotations (notes), presentation time and the current time. If you change the presentation file, it automatically restarts, maintaining the display of the current slide and time.

Pympress automatically detects the screen of the lecturer (notebook or tablet) and the screen audience (often the projector), and if you want to change, the presentation may be displayed in windowed or fullscreen mode. Supported by a centering slide on the screen, you can change the slide size, set the display time of the slide, in the “selection Mode” you can draw freehand on the displayed slide in a specified color and brush size. Work with PDF presentations opportunities based on Poppler (a library for rendering PDF files).

Pympress allows you to specify parameters from the command line and/or in a configuration file (~/.config/pympress)for the effectiveness of supported caching of pages (200 by default). Supported display built-in PDF presentation (or related) GIF-animation, audio and video files (using Gstreamer or VLC). To control performed the mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts, you can activate “Big buttons“for easy management with your tablet or touch screen.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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