Ubuntu offers the latest Nvidia Graphics drivers for users of LTS

The latest Nvidia graphics drivers are now available to users of Ubuntu Long Term Support LTS.

Ubuntu LTS users can now install the latest version of the Nvidia proprietary driver through the usual channel update Ubuntu.

Until now anyone who wanted to install the updates binary Nvidia driver on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, had to use a separate PPA, messing around with random packages, distributed online, or to install the driver the old fashioned way by hand.

No more.

Now, users of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS can install the latest version of the Nvidia proprietary driver through the usual channel update Ubuntu.

Magic has become possible thanks to the initiative of the SRU’s ( stable release Updates ). It is this desire allows other applications, such as Mozilla Firefox and Chromium, to update the long-term support releases.

Now, the initiative is expanding to add their own proprietary Nvidia driver for Linux .

The latest version of Nvidia drivers for Ubuntu LTS

This news affects users of LTS and opens before them new powers, but also includes support equipment.

In the end, gaming authority Ubuntu seriously injured last month. But now you do not need to switch to another distribution, for example, in Pop OS, just in order to get the latest version of the Nvidia drivers, and this is a good way to remind people about the fact that Ubuntu still remains the ideal choice for playing games.

The news was published in the Ubuntu account on Twitter, which left the video link from YouTube channel “the Linux Experiment”:

A short video gives a great overview of the changes:

Driver update Nvidia Packed in -proposed canal -proposed updates. There the user authenticates. If everything is OK, it migrates to the usual channel -updates and — Well, you can guess what’s next.

Again, this is a significant change compared to it is now working graphics drivers in Ubuntu.

You don’t need to load the Nvidia driver manually to add an unsupported PPA, or to do anything else; You can get the latest Nvidia drivers for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (and soon 16.04 LTS) out of the box.

Use this on other distributions

The prospect of new and improved drivers is one of the reasons why many Ubuntu users decided to use an intermediate version or (in some cases) to switch to the distribution.

Users of any Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS such as the Linux Mint 19.1, 15 Zorin OS and Elementary OS, use it.

So if you can’t wait to install the Nvidia driver 430 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS because of its support for newer GPUs (including NVIDIA Quadro P520, RTX 3000, T1000 and T2000), this news needs to please you.

Even more interesting to try it myself. You can include flow -proposed updates and install the Nvidia driver 430 right now. But don’t forget that officially it is not recommended, and you may have problems.

But if you are not afraid, just sit back in the armchair and let the updates come to you when it’s ready.

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