Childsplay — exercises on computer for kids

Childsplay is a small collection of exercises for development of memory and reading skills on the computer preschool children. You can install this game on both Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Childsplay — the games menu

This collection reminds GCompris but there is much less of exercises. On the other hand exercises and games Childsplay differ in appearance, and some do not have analogues in Gcompris. For this reason, the development of abilities your little one, I consider it appropriate to have both games.

Childsplay mosaic

The game is mainly focused on the development of memory. So there are exercises which use for memory training symbols, letters, numbers and even sounds. There are complete simulator the keyboard and mouse, as well as exercises for learning letters and sounds.

Childsplay — Pacman

Well, in order not to starve the child, there are just games for fun. Among them Billiards light, vintage tennis, mosaic.

Ubuntu childsplay to install from the standard repository by entering in the app center search string childsplay, or by running in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install childsplay childsplay-alphabet-sounds-ru

There is also a build for Windows and MacOS. Download versies these operating systems are available on the official website of the game:


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