Puzzle game from the creators of Serious Sam will be released before the end of the year

The developers of the game series Serious Sam decided to change the genre. In this Studio Croteam will follow the example of Valve Software. According to information from the official source, before the end of this year should see the game first-person — The Talos Principle. To enjoy the new game will be users of the operating systems Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and game consoles Play Station 4.

Strengths of the new game should be a strong plot. That is why the development of “The Talos Principle” will be attended by writers Jonas Kiratas and Tom Hubert.

Play this puzzle for the robot, which deals with the study of the copies of the ancient world.

Directs the robot a voice. However, it is remains a mystery. During the game you will have to find the answer to this and many other questions.

It should be noted that the game engine since the last part Egoyan changed. At the end of this news has a video illustrating the basic principles of The Talos Principle.

The developer of the puzzle, the Croatian company Croteam, was established in 1993. In those days the company was engaged in creation of games for Amiga computers.

The first gaming product from Croteam was the football game Football Glory. The simulator was repeatedly recognized as “game of the month”. In 1996 he published a game of Five-A-Sidesoccer dedicated to Futsal, and in 1997 — Save The Earth (“Save the planet”).

Of course, Croteam is mostly known for a series of computer games Serious Sam in the genre of three-dimensional shooter. The first part of the game called Serious Sam: TheFirst Encounter came out in 2001. The protagonist of the game – serious Sam. The action takes place in the near future when they can travel between different stars and their planetary systems.

Creating games, Croatian programmers do not use third-party engines, and this is another plus Croteam. Proprietary engine called Serious Engine (in a literal translation on Russian means “Serious engine”). The company name is a compound word: Croatia (Croatia) and Team (team).


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