Legends of Aethereus: a new RPG

At first glance the game Legends of Aethereus impresses with its colorful game world, which was made by the developers of what is called “conscience.” Periodically you will want to stop, rotate the camera from side to side to admire the local scenery. This appearance and interface is very similar to what we can see in many clones Warcraft. Thus, “the Legend of Autorii” is a kind of simplified multiplayer role-playing game but only in offline mode.


Legends of Aethereus player must choose one of the roles of the cartographer, officer, or inventor, and to go to conquer uncharted expanses. Through the game in single player mode and multiplayer mode. In the latter case you will travel and fight in the arena with other players.


Other unique features of this product is the ability to create their own unique objects (“crafting”) and to embellishment of his native city.

During the gameplay you’ll find on the roads chests in which are hidden treasures fabrics, crystals and metals are counted not in tens and hundreds and thousands of units. From crystals it is possible to make a bomb, and cloth and metals are essential for crafting.

Local crafting has its own peculiarities. To create particular things you need to spend an incredible amount of materials. But that’s not all – if you want to get quality things, you can not do without the “try your luck”. The possible “negative outcome” of your attempts is that the thing will break, and all the money spent on materials will simply disappear.

In single-user mode with all of this you can not be contacted. Choose from three levels of difficulty. For beginners suggest Easy – in this mode the game is quite easy (the name does not deceive), and to die will, on the contrary, it is difficult, almost impossible. Even the few materials that you earn “more than” enough to forge a halfway decent weapon and a helmet. And this is already enough to know what has ended the game.

The disadvantages of the game

With the storyline of the game are not explicitly mentioned. The aim of the game is “go there and kill the evil uncle” is clearly seen to the end. The combat system is also not the best: the character can not normally jump to the side (by pressing the space bar it only moves away from the enemy by a few millimeters). The possibility of a character is only using like each other skills, and waving arms. Does not save the overall impression and having your own house where you can’t place prizes and trophies (as in MMORPG). But you can admire the table’s in-game achievements.

Summing up the above, I understand that Legends of Aethereus is a game created for fans of “brutal”, severe pure grinding. For others, only the possibility (not the best) to “kill time”.

Install Legends of Aethereus in Ubuntu

The game is commercial and is distributed through Steam. In order to purchase the game, you need to install the Steam clientand then buy the game via its interface.


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