Catlateral Damage the game was funded on Kickstarter

Developers of games and software for a long time and successfully used the service Kickstarter to raise funds needed to create and further support their projects. Catlateral Damage is a game about adventures of a funny cat-bully is no exception. The team of programmers and designers have already collected the necessary 40 thousand dollars.

The functionality of Catlateral Damage, the player additional levels and other “chips” depends on how much more money will be able to collect. Campaign fundraising has to end on 12 July.

So, if the game will be donated to more than 48 thousand dollars, the developers will write another level of the game – adventures of a cat in the supermarket. If there collected more than 56 thousand conventional units, the cat can indulge in the Museum.

At the moment, financial result of the Kickstarter campaign is 41.2 thousand dollars. It is expected that Catlateral Damage will be released in November this year.

Game play simple – the player controls a cat, which throws the belongings of its owner. For each discarded thing in Catlateral Damage points. Your task is to throw on the floor most things and earn the most points (100 thousand). Games cat, just exactly as real, has excellent jumping ability. He can climb on the table, shelf, bed and reset them all he will get.

Catlateral Damage has a very simple control. If necessary, you can go back and replay much improve your progress. Traditionally, the keys W, A, S, D are responsible for the movement of your character, mouse – over the browse, and throw the object with his paw, use the left mouse button.

At the time of writing this news there is already a browser version of the game. To start the game you need the browser to install the Unity Web Player plugin. The developers promise that the final version will be much larger and more functional.

So, the desktop version will differ from the web and the availability of additional rooms in which the cat can throw out their violent energy. It should be noted there is a night mode in which the animal will try to throw the objects of his master as quietly as possible so as not to disturb his sleep.

To enjoy the game users of operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android consoles Ouya.


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