Daimonin Online: “and the world cracked in half”

Daimonin is the game open-source, role-playing and multiplayer. This is a free project perfect for fans of 2D MMORPG. All the work on the design and development took on a team of professionals. The advantage of this game project is that it is absolutely free. Everyone can download the game on the developers website and all of its annexes. Applications include: designer cards, conceptual art and music.

Overview and history of the game

The player has the opportunity not only to play but to develop, to program and develop the game, to try yourself in the role of designer, the open-source. The developers welcome new creative ideas.

The game takes place during the so-called days, the senior races. The elves talk in a whisper about those days. Crawling slime, horned reptiles and races live fire fought the war so weakened them that they did not notice the appearance of new races that towered over them, and it was too late to turn back and to change something. The answer to the question, how the ancient race missed the appearance of new races, you can’t even find in the secret libraries of the dwarves.

The battle began a long and hard between the new and ancient races, countless different level creatures fell on the battlefields, many Nations and tribes were wiped off the face of the earth. Few have survived in this war, the ancient race withdrew, and descended to the lower level. Only the ancient beings are reminded of these battles, which no one will venture to remind you.

Races the winners are giants, dwarves, and elves killini. They conquered freedom has brought prosperity and peace. We count down the new age – the Age of the Council.

The new race was able to settle in different levels and places they have reached physical and mental development, and become immortal. Their bodies stopped aging, and the power of thought was growing up. Over the long years began to occur a big change with the new races, their minds were exhausted, they became less militant and tolerant, because of a lack of young blood.

With the advent of the people resumes the fight against the dark forces. You must again defeat Chaos.

Installing Daimonin Online in Ubuntu Linux

To install you need to go to the website http://daimonin.elwin013.com/ and download the latest version of the installation script (it is usually labeled LATEST is at the top of the list). The downloaded archive, you must unzip and run the file dai-installer-cli.sh. Perhaps to start you will need to make a file executable how to do it is written here. After running the script will download the sources game compiles and installs the client.


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